Recruiter Program

Recruiter Program

Most carriers offer their drivers a one-time reward for referring other drivers, Envoy Cargo Solution takes this concept to a new level

With this program, you can offer your drivers continues payments for each job their recruited driver completes, while the software tracks it all for you. Example, if driver-A recruits driver-B, and driver-B completes 5 jobs, then driver-A receives a commission for each job driver-B completed.

You set the commission pay scale for each job, with unlimited variations. Example…. For jobs that pays between $150 to $300, you can set the commission scale at $5
This means when driver-B completes a job that pays $220, driver-A will earn $5 in commission, but if driver-B completes a job that pays $140, no commissions will be paid to driver-A (remember, you can add unlimited pay scale with unlimited variations of the above example)

By offering an on-going commissions to your drivers, they will stay with you longer (as they won’t want to lose the commissions), and will be jumping over each other trying to recruit more drivers and owner-operators for you.

The Recruiter Program is built into Envoy Cargo and there are no additional fees for use of this program.

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